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Piper Kenneth MacKay Waterloo 17th June 1815

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Piper Kenneth MacKay at the Battle of Waterloo, 1815.

 The 79th Cameron Highlanders were first involved in the battle during the early afternoon on the 18th of June.  Moving forward through a hedge they engaged the French with a heavy volley of fire and followed up with a bayonet charge. 

The French retreated down a slope now pursued by British Cavalry.  French cavalry then launched a determined counter attack and the 79th had to form the classic “Defensive Square”.  As the French pushed forward in their attack Piper Kenneth MacKay, showing no fear, moved out of the protective square and began playing the traditional rallying tune, “Cogadh no Sith”:

(War or Peace - The True Gathering of the Clans)

Piper Kenneth MacKay’s personal courage undoubtedly led to the 79th being one of only four Regiments specifically mentioned by the Duke of Wellington in his Waterloo despatch.

 Piper Mackay was presented with a set of silver mounted pipes by the King for his individual bravery in the battle.

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