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Cameron Tartan Old Motto: Mo righ's Mo dhuchaich - For King and CountryCameron Tartan Motto:  Aonaibh ri Cheile - United

 The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

The 79th Cameron Highlanders were raised by Alan Cameron of Erracht in 1793.  They gained a distinguished record during the Napoleonic wars in Egypt, the Peninsular Campaigns and at Waterloo!

Later they formed part of the Highland Brigade in the Crimea War and the Indian Mutiny Campaign.  In 1873 they were honoured by Queen Victoria when she conferred the title "The Queen's Own" upon the 79th.

Under the Army Reforms of 1881 the "Queens Own Cameron Highlanders" remained as the "ONLY" single battalion regiment in the British Army.  However, in 1897 a 2nd Battalion was authorized and duly raised at Fort George.

The territorial district of the Cameron Highlanders comprised the counties of: Inverness and Nairn, with a Depot at Cameron Barracks in Inverness.  Cameron barracks is now the home of our Regimental Headquarters and we still hold gatherings there today!

After 1881 the 1st Camerons fought in Egypt, Sudan and South Africa.

During the 2nd World war the 1st Battalion, after being evacuated at Dunkirk fought in the defeat of the Japanese in Burma.

The 2nd Battalion formed part of the 4th Indian Division and earned much distinction in North Africa (Desert Rats), Eritrea and Italy.  The 4th and 5th Territorial Battalions belonged to the 51st Highland division and took part in the victorious campaigns in North Africa, Sicily and Western Europe.

After the war the 1st Battalion served in the campaigns in Malaya, Aden, Egypt and the Korean War with postings to Germany to serve with the British Army on the Rhine ((BAOR).).).

In 1961 the Regiment was amalgamated with the Seaforth Highlander to become the "The Queen's Own Highlanders" (Seaforth & Camerons)

If you are interested in learning more about these Regiments their histories are available from RHQ at Inverness, or you can browse our pages.  
Click this link for a full text history of the Cameron Highlanders until 1886, which I hope you find interesting.

Founder of 79th Highlanders

Alan Cameron of Erracht (1750-1828)

Founder of 79th Highlanders

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The last time the kilt was worn in war

The last time the kilt was worn in war

Sgt Sands MM  Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

Sgt Sands MM: Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders

Sgt Sands being presented with his Military Medal by Field Marshall Montgomery.

Click on the photograph to read his citation and visit this worthwhile home site with many photographs and locations taken during WW 2. Now updated Feb 2006

Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders Annual Dinner Year 2000

Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders

Annual Dinner Dance Year 2000

Held in Redford Cavalry Barracks Edinburgh on the 28th April.  Maj. Burns points the way forward while Brigadier Findlay contemplates the Light.

Cap Badge of the Queen's Own Highlanders and now The Highlanders!

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