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Presentation of New Colours to:

 The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons)

Please us the links above to view the images covering the three days at Redford Barracks.  The Beating of Retreat took place on Thursday 5th July 2001.  The main parade, Presentation of New Colours, took place on Friday 6th July 2001 with the Sports Day held on Saturday 7th July 2001.

Rarely have I covered an event in such detail, with nearly 1,500 images taken, and being present at all three day events from 0630hrs onwards. I am sure you will appreciate it will take some time to finish this part of the site due to the sheer volume of pictures involved.  I felt such in depth coverage was required because the event is hardly likely to be repeated in my lifetime.  When attending the last presentation at Holyrood little did we realise the regiment would amalgamate so soon and I have practically nothing to commemorate that piece of history. So many photographers were taken this time that it would be quite easy to create a web site devoted entirely to this one subject; the Presentation of New Colours to The Highlanders (Seaforths, Gordons and Camerons) . You can now view these pictures.  Links below. June 2007

I am still waiting delivery of the publicity material shot by MOD PR photographers and hopefully this will give some more close ups of the Royal Party and scenes from the centre of the parade.  This is is the first time I was not allowed in at the centre of the action due to the MOD PR only allowing their own photographers access to the saluting dais (Royal Party) and centre of the parade.  Most of the pictures are at a longer range than I am used to working with so I can only hope the promised publicity shots arrive shortly. With that in mind, anyone who has a Canon FD (Manual) or Minolta AF (XI) lens at 300mm or greater and has no further use of it, or would wish to donate/sponsor/sell cheaply,  please get in touch at my e-mail address. A 1.4 x Canon convertor (FD) would also be appreciated!


This section of the site is still being updated although all the pages have content.  The sheer volume of pictures means that over time many images will be included and updated.  I hope you enjoy viewing the images and if you have any to offer then please get in touch.

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