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 Quite a number people have been asking me to cover certain Regiments or periods of history that they are particularly interested in. If this applies to you please Contact RHQ if you require any historical information. I only have access to the book of our Regimental History. This is not a problem if YOU are providing the information in a format the can be placed into these pages, e.g. written in “MS Notepad” “Word”, or similar.  The master elements in the page are already laid out in the format you can see, and all that has to be done is for YOU to submit your text and pictures, suitably scanned as jpegs, not BMP/TIFF format please.

This page is designed to give you breaking news or to inform you of new information that should be spread throughout the Regimental Family. Please let others know about any news that is published here.

First Up:

The Pipers’ Memorial:

This new web site is dedicated to those Pipers who lost their lives in two World Wars and specifically those in Normandy/Somme where the site is based.  Please visit: www.pipersmemorial.fr


Confederation of British Service & Ex-Service Organisations need your help in finding ex-Japanese Prisoners of War or their dependants, mainly spouses.  The Government have announced an ex-gratia payment of £10,000 in recognition of their unique captivity. Helpline number is available: 0800 169 2277


Ex-Service Homes Referral Agency has been set up to provide information to the ex-service community, and their dependants about nursing, residential care and specialist homes. Helpline is available 1000-1200 & 1400-1600 every week day. Please Call Tel:020783 94466   A web site which includes details of all the ex-service homes in the UK is available. Visit:  www.eshra.com

Once a Cameron Highlander:

This book tell the story of Robert Burns, 1895-2000. This book records his First World War experiences and facts about his post war career in the entertainment business. At 105 he was the longest surviving Cameron Highlander who fought in WW1.  Copies available from:  www.woodfieldpublishing.com

1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders 1941-1944

In aid of Regimental Museum Funds this book records the operations of the 1st Battalion in Burma.  The bulk of the Battalions work was at Company, Platoon and Patrol level through thick jungle and against a committed and determined Japanese enemy.  Price: £9 + P & P.  From RHQ, Cameron Barracks, Inverness. IV2 3XD

Keep up to date with all the news

All the news from the North of Scotland and Morayshire in particular; http://www.northern-scot.co.uk/

Also have a look at the following link for the Highlander Magazine: http://www.highlanderweb.co.uk/

Saltire Films & War Histories

The a/m Company are making a series of programmes based on military/historical people who have connections to the regiment.  Should you have any knowledge that might prove useful for any programme or are interested in what is being produced then  please contact. TEL: 0141 332 3326 or sarah@saltirefilms.co.uk

I look forward to hearing all your comments!  The site is now attracting visitors from all over the world and so far all the feedback has been very positive. Please spread the word about our site. If it is good, tell everybody, if it’s bad, tell me!