Queens Own Highlanders

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The Queens Own Highlanders

(Seaforth & Camerons)


The Highlanders

Northwest Frontier

Somewhere on the Northwest Frontier

Highland Warriors from a Recruiting Poster in the 70s
IJLB at Oswestry - Highlanders every one!
HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Colonel in Chief, at the Presentation of New Colours to the 1st Battalion Q. O Hldrs, Edinburgh, 1964, and yes, I was there!

Back L to R:  P.Grant, W.McFarlane, W.Ross, W.Kintrae, J.Faulkener.  Centre Row:


Front: D.Munro, B.Davidson, Sgt Scott, Lt Hunt, Titch McDonald, G.Givens, P.Lorimer.

Crossmaglen xmg 1979

Less we forget: Mac 49

Less we forget Mac49, Crossmaglen 2000

As it is today

Tobruk Four

Jock Sims, Bob Dick, Roy Watts &

Gus McNaughton from L to Right.

Where are they now?  All answers on a psotcard.

A Company

The “Boxing Team” from Berlin.  Way back when and the question is: where are they now?


Well you cannot win them all!
Signal Platoon!

The Signal Platoon - Simply the Best - With the “Archer” Trophy to prove it!

Bonny B in all their glory, sorry the picture is a bit on the dark side,

The Bonny B


Three Western Isles Company

1 Highlanders

Army Cadet Force

Armistice day parde for our cadets
St Valery Parade
ACF - attacking force
Bert Nicholson

Bert Nicholson and family in Australia with the Scottish Veterans Banner on the Anzac Parade in Melbourne


CSM inspects prior to parade with 1 Highlanders Pipes and Drums Tour of America.
Drum Major and CSM
At the tour venue with the Drum Major

Click Pic for link to Police Training Board of Chicago & Phil Brankin

Picture Page 2 Link

Photos: Phil Brankin, who runs the Regional Training Centre for the Police Service covering the Greater Chicago area in Illinois, on behalf of the State Government.

Very much a “Seaforth” appreciation organisation as can be clearly seen from their uniforms.  They do try to model themselves on the regiment, in dress and drill, and look very professional in the process.

Membership is mainly made up from serving or retired police officers, some of whom are veterans of the American military.  They parade at their comrades funerals and Memorial services etc.

Here they are Parading with 1 Highlanders Pipes and Drums during their tour of America.

This is the lighter side of Policing!


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