Queens Own Highlanders

(Seaforth & Camerons)

Regimental Association

The Highlanders

4th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland

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Pipes and Drums Activity pages with links to pictures.

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Remember you can always find us at RHQ, Cameron Barracks in Inverness or the Regimental Museum at Fort George.

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Officer Commanding:

Lt Col J.M.R. Hopkinson OBE

The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons & Camerons) were formed in September 1994 when the Queen’s Own Highlanders were amalgamated with the Gordon Highlanders under “The options for change” review carried out by the Tory Government of the day.  Much was made of the campaign “Save Our Soldiers” but alas we were not given any reprieve, and the inevitable amalgamation took place at Dreghorn Barracks in Edinburgh. The name “Queen’s Own Highlanders” was then dropped from the title and the Gordon’s name was added to the title Seaforth & Camerons.

1st Battalion The Highlanders: Tours of Duty


Apr 95 - Apr 97         Ebrington Barracks, Londonderry

Apr 97 -  To date      Somme Barracks, Catterick

Jan 98 - Feb 98         Exercise “Trumpet Dance” USA

Jun 98 - Sept 98         RRB Fermanagh & Drumcree

Dec 98 - Jun 99         Pl det to 1 Kings Own Royal Border Regt, Bosnia

Jun 98 - Sept 99         Pls. det to 1 Royal Irish, Kosovo 

Jun 99 - Jul 99          Exercise “Pond Jump West”, Canada

Jun 00  - Dec 00         Northern Ireland;  Armagh

Mar 01 - Apr 04                   Edinburgh:  Redford Barracks

July 6 - 2001                   Presentation of New Colours - (Link for Bn pictures)

Aug 2001                                Edinburgh Military Tattoo(Link for Bn pictures)

Sept 2001                              Oman: Operation Swift Sword 2

Jan 2002                                Kenya: Ex Grand Prix  -  (Link for Bn pictures)

May 25 2002                        HM The Queen: Opening of The General Assembly   (Link for pics)

Jun 2002                               Royal Guard Balmoral - (link for Bn pictures)

Jun 2002                               Edinburgh Castle Guard  - (link for pics)

Dec 2002                               Operation Op fresco Fire Strike  -  (link for pics)

Jan 03                                      Grenadier Guards/Highlanders Bands tour America  (Link)

Feb 2003                                 Otteburn Training Camp and Excercise      (link for Bn pictures)

Mar 2003                              Depart for Bosnia - (Link for pics)

Apr 2004                            Regiment Departs Fallingbostel BAOR (to date)

May 2005                            Regimental Week-End and Highland Games (Pics Link)

July 2005                            Op Batus Canada -  Warrior Training (Pics Link)

Nov 2005                             Op Telic   Iraq 2005       (Pics Link)

28th March 2006               1 Highlanders rebadge 4 Scots, Royal Regiment of Scotland

 Above picture:  Regimental Magazine, back issues now available from RHQ the Highlanders, Cameron Barracks, Inverness. No longer printed!!

Link to New Colours Parade

The Link

Twinning between Companies 1st Battalion The Highlanders


Branches of Queen’s Own Highlanders Regimental Association


B Company      -          Highland Branch

D Company      -          Aberdeen & North East + Caithness Branches

Support Company  -  Pipe Band & Strathclyde Branches

H.Q.  Company       -  Edinburgh & Southern Branches


Companies will produce two newsletters each year in December & June to update their twinned Branch on Company & Battalion news.

Companies will host their twinned Branch during Association days or other events organised by the Battalion for the Association.

If an Association Branch wishes to invite representatives from the Battalion to talk to the Branch or join the Branch for social events then the invitation will be extended to the Twinned Company in the first instance.

Companies will endeavour to visit their twinned Branches during the course of recruiting drives or other events that take place near Branch locations.

Companies will host any individual(s) from twinned Branches who have asked to visit the Battalion outwith events arranged for the Association.

Companies will promote the benefits of Association membership and encourage soldiers to become members.


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