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Victoria Cross
Victoria Cross
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The Victoria Cross

The highest award this nation gives for gallantry to members of the armed services of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth. First instituted by Royal Warrant on 29th January 1856. The medals are made from the bronze of captured Russian cannon from the battle at Sevastopol


Victoria Cross Winners

Lt. Andrew Bogle                           78th Highlanders     29th July  1857   Indian Mutiny

Lt. Joseph P. Crowe                     78th Highlanders     12th Aug. 1857    Indian Mutiny

Lt. H. T. Macpherson                   78th Highlanders     25th Sept. 1857  Indian Mutiny

Surgeon Joseph Jee                      78th Highlanders      25th Sept. 1857 Indian Mutiny

A/Surgeon V.M. McMaster          78th Highlanders     25th Sept. 1857  Indian Mutiny

C/Sgt.S. McPherson                       78th Highlanders    26th Sept. 1857  Indian Mutiny

Pte. Henry Ward                             78th Highlanders    25/26 Sept 1857 Indian Mutiny

Pte. James Hollowell                      78th Highlanders    26th Sept. 1857  Indian Mutiny

Lt. Aylmer S. Cameron                 72nd Highlanders   30th Mar.  1858  Indian Mutiny

L/Cpl. George Sellar                      72nd Highlanders        14th Dec.  1879   Afghanistan

Sgt.John Mackenzie DCM               Seaforth                              06th June 1900   Ashanti

Sgt. Donald D. Farmer                   1st Camerons               13th Dec.  1900   South Africa

Pte. Ross Tollerton                        1st Camerons                  14th Sept. 1914   Aisne WW1

Lt.Col. A.F.Douglas-Hamilton     6th Camerons           25/26th Sept. 1915   Loos WW1

Cpl. James D. Pollock                     5th Camerons                27th Sept. 1915    Loos WW1

Cpl. Sidney Ware                             1st Seaforth    06th Apr.  1916    Mesopotamia WW1

Dmr. Walter Ritchie                        2nd Seaforth              01st July   1916    Somme WW!

L/Sgt. Thomas Steele                    1st Seaforth       22nd Feb. 1917   Mesopotamia WW1

Lt. Donald Mackintosh                  2nd Seaforth                    11th Apr.  1917   Arras WW1

Sgt. Alexander Edwards                 6th Seaforth                31 Jul-1 Aug 1917  Ypres WW1

L/Cpl. Robert McBeath                   5th Seaforth               20th Nov. 1917  Cambrai WW1

Sgt. John M. Meikle MM                4th Seaforth                20th July 1918  Marfaux WW1

     Liverpool Scottish

 Capt. Noel G. Chavasse MC            1st Liverpool Scottish   09th Aug.  1916 Somme WW1

Capt. Noel G. Chavasse VC MC      1st Liverpool Scottish 31Jul-2 Aug. 1917 Ypres WW1

     Seaforth of Canada

Pte Ernest A. Smith               Seaforth of Canada        02nd Oct. 1944          Italy WW2