Queens Own Highlanders

(Seaforth & Camerons)

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A/Surgeon Valentine M. McMaster VC

Surgeon V  McMaster VC 78th Highlanders

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Assistant Surgeon Valentine Munbee Mc Master wins the Victoria Cross at Lucknow 25th September 1857.

For its gallant advance to the Residency at Lucknow on 25th September 1857, the 78th Highlanders were awarded the Victoria Cross as a regiment.  The 78th was instructed to vote who should wear the award and it was unanimously agreed that it should go to Assistant Surgeon Valentine M. McMaster who also carried the Queen’s Colour during the final stages of the advance to the Residency.

His citation reads:

“For the intrepidity with which he exposed himself to the fire of the enemy, in bringing in and attending to the wounded on the 25th September 1857 at Lucknow.”

(London Gazette 18 June 1858)