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Private Henry ward VC

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Private Henry Ward of the 78th Highlanders wins the Victoria Cross for Gallantry at Lucknow 25/26 September 1857.

The citation reads:

“For his gallant and devoted conduct in having, on the night of the 25th and morning of the 26th September 1857, remained with the dooly of Captain Havelock, 10th Foot, DAAG Filed Force, who was severely wounded, and on the morning of the 26th September escorted that officer and Private Thomas Pilkington, 78th Highlanders, who was also wounded and had taken refuge in the same dooly, through a very heavy cross fire of ordinance and musketry.  This soldier remained by the side of the dooly, and by his example and exertions kept the dooly bearers from dropping their double load through the heavy fire with the same steadiness as if on parade, thus saving the lives of both, and bringing them in safety to the Baillie Guard.”

(London Gazette 18 June 1858)