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Lt. Joseph P. H. Crowe VC

LT Col Joseph P.H. Crowe VC 78th Highlanders

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Lt. Joseph P.H. Crowe of the 78th Highlanders wins the Victoria Cross at Boorbia-ki-Chauki 12 Aug. 1857

Brigadier General Haverlock commenting on the 78th’s spirited attack on rebel positions in the village of Boorbia-Ki-Chauki undertook that if it could be ascertained which man had entered the enemy position first he would recommend him for the award of the Victoria Cross. Two officers, Lt’s Crowe and Campbell, had entered the position together and the matter was finally decided due to the untimely death of Lt Campbell to Cholera a few days later.  His citation reads:

“For being the first to enter the redoubt at Boorzeke Chowkee, the entrenched village in front of the Busherutgunge on 12th August. (Telegram from the late Major General Havelock to the Commander-in-Chief in India dated 18 August 1857)

(London Gazette 15th January 1858)