Queens Own Highlanders

(Seaforth & Camerons)

Regimental Association

Foot and Mouth Disease

Much has been written about this blight suffered by the whole of the United Kinkdom and the hardship it caused to so many.  Not only did it effect the farming community but the resultant widespread publicity ensured many overseas visitors would not come near our country.

The task of co-ordinating the fight against the disease eventually fell to the armed forces who responded magnificently to the challenge ahead of them.  Clearing up in the Scottish Border area fell mainly to The Highlanders who were stationed in Edinburgh at that time.  This was a co-ordinated effort led by General Gordon and the regiments and corps of 2 Div.

This was hard gruelling work and we owe all of them a vote of thanks for they way the dealt with this crisis and the people who were hit hardest - those whose livestock had to be culled.

We still have a long way to go to get consumer confidence back to what it was pre Foot and Mouth but hopefully visitors will return to Scotland.  I can assure you all it is safe to walk in the country and the food is safe to eat.

Troops leaving Dreghorn Barracks, Edinburgh
A common sight during the outbreak
Bde Monro MBE, Colonel of The Highlanders
Bde Monro, CO see off the tropps to begin the clearing up operation
Lt Col Alderton MBE,  Officer Commanding The Highlanders
Unit Commanders meeting at "The Hole"
Traffic control
Initial briefing after arriving in Dumfries and Galloway
now we know, one size fits all!
General Gordon, Mr Finney and CO
and so the cull begins
Land Rovers being disinfected
General, Brigadier and Lt Colonel
Some of the troops
Hard work - a really grim job!
Next stage in the process.
Still smiling through
Prime Minister Tony Blair get to see the scale of the local  problem
Prime Minister in the Council operations room
The scale of the problem
Just a little media attention!
Then end of the road?

Thank you for taking the time to view these images.  My thanks to Mark Owens and 2 Div for pictures and assistance.