Queens Own Highlanders

(Seaforth & Camerons)

Regimental Association

Ex. Grand Prix

Kenya 2002

On a lone hilltop a Highlander stands

Welcome to Africa

Aeiel view with camp at top,left of centre in open ground, with surrounding housing.

Aerial view of camp, just left of top centre, and surrounds

On patrol and advance to contact

On Patrol

Highlanders in attack mode.

Nealry there

Africa in the dust after Edinburgh in the rain. No change there then!

 Africa:Hot and dusty! Edinburgh Wet and muddy!

Run for it

Running for cover

J. Johnson gets tp plaster a shy highlander.

J. J. gets to practice on a shy Hldr.

Just get to ground and return fire.
getting fire down and look out behind you.

Aim and ready

The smell of cordite in the morning, don't you just love it!
Adopt the prone position

Light ex before breakfast!

Bombs away!

Kicking up some dust

Dusty trails!

Honest Sir there is soap in here somewhere!
Wot, no gas?

Boil in the bag? I’d rather have a salad.

Car boot sale?

I wonder what time tea is?

Much to ponder?

land rover group.  Better in it than on it.

Contents of your average L/Rover?

Highlander and saltire, does it get better than this?
winning the hearts and minds of the local children, nae sweeties then?

Some of the locals

I don't care how much the horn's worth, this is as close as i'm getting!

Feeding time at the open air zoo?

They clean up well and happy smiling faces.

All scrubbed up

Officer Commanding 1 Highlanders, Lt Col Alderson MBE, wot no cam cream?

C.O. 1 Highlanders

lLast word to the camels, or as we use to say in Sharjah, well it saves you going down to the shops for dinner!