Queens Own Highlanders

(Seaforth & Camerons)

Regimental Association

The Sports Day & Other Week-End Events

I regret that time did not permit me to stay until the end of the Sports day but here is some coverage of it.

Prior to the Presentation of New Colours the Battalion was lined up on the Parade Square for some PT at 0700hrs when it was rudely interrupted by the Cheer Leaders of the Scottish Claymores American Football Team.  What can I say; the pictures are below.

The great welly boot throwing competition
Delta Coy Tug o war team piped on
B Coy take the strain
PT was never like this in my day
Sp Coy feeling the strain
Same again for Sp Coy
Look when I grow up Im going to be -this high-
RSM briefs the CSMs on the format for PT
The girls limber up - the troops look stunned
Captured at last - who's a lucky boy then?
Now they know where to look!
Where to look? Or just shy?
Happy smiling faces
It's all good fun now.