Queens Own Highlanders

(Seaforth & Camerons)

Regimental Association

Sources of Further Information

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General Enquiries

 At this present moment in time the Regimental Museum at Fort George new e-mail address is now operational Feb 2003 and you can contact them directly by e-mail regtmuseumQOHLDR@aol.com or personal visit.  This site is hosted from Glasgow, by myself, Chairman of the Strathclyde Branch of the Regimental Association, and has no access to archive information other than that available from the book by Lt. Col. Angus Fairrie: “ Queen’s Own Highlanders (Seaforth & Camerons); An Illustrated History.”  This may change soon, as the military records are being updated into a computer database on CD, and when available will be used by myself, if this is permitted.  These are now available but at a cost of nearly £500 I think it will be some time before one can afford to purchase them!  See the link below to the Naval and Military Press site for more details.

I will be more than pleased to assist anyone who has a general inquiry about the regiments, but I am simply unable to provide information on individuals who served with them, or medals won etc. .  The exceptions to this is the award of the Victoria Cross whose individual citations can be read on the site, with further links or information on each individual on their respective page, and members of the “Queen’s Own Highlanders” who I personally recall.  For recent members of the regiment you wish to contact then please view the “Guest Book” on the About Us” page and leave a message for them to get in touch.  Equally important is posting you message on the “Forum” page for more feedback to you and others.  Because of the “Data Protection Act”, and simply on the grounds of reasonable security I will not supply any individual’s address or personal details to anyone who requests it.  I will however be glad to pass on any message to get in touch if I can arrange it.

The principal source of information is the Regimental Museum at Fort George, which comprises the Museum collections of;

  1. Queen’s Own Highlanders (Seaforth & Camerons)
  2. Seaforth Highlanders
  3. The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders
  4. The Lovat Scouts

or the Gordon Highlanders Museum in Aberdeen or the Regiment’s web site in America: www.bydand.com for more information on the regiment amalgamated  with the Queen’s Own Highlanders who now form our current Regiment: The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons)

  • The Gordon Highlanders Museum
  • St. Lukes
  • Viewfield Road
  • Aberdeen
  • AB15 7XH
  • Telephone or Fax: (01224) 318174 / 208652
  • Web site address and Link: www.gordonhighlanders.com

The museums do not hold the personal service records of officers and soldiers, as these are government documents and held in the Records Office.

  • The Army Records Office
  • Ministry of Defence DR2b
  • Bourne Avenue
  • Hayes
  • Middlesex
  • UB3 7DX
  • Telephone for Fax enquiries only: 020 8573 9078
  • Web site address and link:  www.pro.gov.uk
  • (The Army Records Office holds military records under 70 years old.  Information may be available to inquiries, and a charge is normally made for supplying information.  The records were damaged by enemy bombing in World War 2 and so information is not always available.  Military records older than 70 years are held in the “Public Records Office.”)

    The Regimental Museum Library and Archives  

The Museum includes records and archives of the Queen’s Own Highlanders and the antecedent regiments, including all known published histories, most of the battalion war diaries from World War 1 and 2, medal rolls and a wide range of books covering campaigns, battles, uniforms, arms, and relevant military subjects.  The Museum Collection includes a large number of documents, photographs and other material which has been presented by members or the regiments and their families.

The Museum welcomes researchers, and will be glad to send details of opening times and facilities available.  The Museum does not normally undertake to carry out work on behalf of researchers.

Should the Museum be unable to answer an inquiry, it will do its best to recommend an alternative source of information, if known.

The Museum is administered by the Regimental Headquarters of The Highlanders, at Cameron Barracks and so any correspondence or requests for advice may be directed to the following address;

  • Queens Own Highlanders Regimental Museum Collection
  • RHQ The Highlanders
  • Cameron Barracks
  • Inverness
  • IV2 3XD
  • Telephone or Fax: 01463 224380
  • (RHQ also has many items for sale including, histories, music cd’s, diaries, badges (including Blazer) ties, key fobs, clocks, pewter figures and many more.  Please phone for more details, latest prices and availability.)


    The Regimental Museum at Fort George

    The Regimental Museum is situated within Fort George, Ardersier, Inverness, about 12 miles north of the town of Inverness, on the B9039, (or B9092 if coming from Nairn), and is signed off the A96, Inverness to Nairn main road.  The Museum is housed in the building which was originally the Lieutenant Governor’s quarter at Fort George.

    Regimental Museum of The Highlanders
    The Queen's Own Highlanders Collection
    Fort George
    IV2 7TD
    (01667) 462800, Ext 8701


    The museum is open for over 300 days a year. From April to September the opening times are 10am to 6pm daily. From October to March the Museum is open on weekdays from 10am to 4pm. Over the past ten years the average number of visitors has been about 50,000 a year, representing about 85% of the total number of visitors to Fort George.


  • The Museum works closely with Historic Scotland, the government agency which looks after Fort George on behalf of the Ministry of Defence.  Historic Scotland is responsible for public admission to Fort George and provides amenities such as guide books, historical displays, car parking, restaurant etc.  As you may realise it takes a lot of time, effort and money to keep alive this remarkable collection and “Friends of the Museum” are always welcome by assisting with donations etc.  To become a “Friend of the Museum” please contact The Curator at the above mentioned address.

The Museum will be glad to supply a leaflet giving details of opening times, arrangements for admissions and facilities available for visitors.

    Other Sources of Information

        Ministry of Defence

  • Ministry of Defence
  • Whitehall
  • London
  • Web site address and Link: www.mod.uk For Army service records: www.records



        Public Records Office:

  • The Public Records Office
  • Ruskin Avenue
  • Kew
  • Surrey
  • TW9 7DY
  • Telephone: 020 8876 3444
  • Web site address and Link: www.pro.gov.uk
  • (The Public Records Office does not undertake to carry out research, but visitors can obtain readers tickets to allow them to do their own work.  The PRO can supply a list of professional researchers who will carry out the work for a few.  Original military records over 70 years old are held, including World War 1.)

        Naval & Military Press

  • Naval & Military Press
  • PO Box 61
  • Dallington,
  • Heathfield
  • East Sussex TN21 9JS
  • Telephone: 01435 830111  Fax: 01435 830623
  • This site has the complete listings, on CD, for all those who died in both World Wars.  Visit the site for more details: http://www.naval-military-press.co.uk/


        Commonwealth War-Graves Commission:

  • The Commonwealth War-Graves Commission
  • Marlow Road
  • Maidenhead
  • Berkshire
  • SL6 7DX
  • Telephone: 01628 634221 Fax: 01628 771208
  • Web site address and Link: www.cwgc.org
  • (The Commission maintains military cemeteries of both World Wars and some minor campaigns.  Records are held on computer, and casualties are listed both by name, and the place of burial or memorial.)
          • World War 1 Document Archive
  •                                   http://www.lib.byu.edu/estu/wwi/
      • Imperial War Museum:

  • The Imperial War Museum
  • Lambeth Road
  • London
  • SW3 6HZ
  • Telephone; 020 7416 5320  Fax: 020 7416 5374
  • Web site address and Link: www.iwm.org.uk
  • (The Museum covers both World Wars and has extensive campaign records including regimental histories.)

          World War 1 Records of those Killed in Action

          This link also has many other searching links: www.1837online.com

    Open Government:

  • Web site and Link:  www.open.gov.uk
  • (This site is not due to be fully open until 1st July 2001 but can be accessed now but some elements may not be available until that date.  Most Government Departments can be reached from here.)

Good Luck with your searching!