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The way we were.  No fancy TV adverts with Rayban sunglasses, just good clean living, the chance of a challenge, a sense of adventure etc.  A healthy Mind in a Healthy Body.  Not a games console to be seen!  Fit and Healthy, not a lot of that going about these days amongst our youngsters.  This of course is not to say that we do not have a lot of healthy young people amongst us, of that there is no doubt. You might only be young once, but at least you get to Remember it!  How much exercise do you take now, and can city living ever really be healthy?  We got rid of all the old smoking chimneys and replaced that pollution with car/lorry exhaust fumes.  Funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same!

Our Regiment was one of the best recruited in the British Army, and we also had one of the best retention rates of our soldiers in the armed forces!  It still didn’t stop them amalgamating Seaforth with Cameron and then Queen’s Own Highlander with Gordon Highlander to create “The Highlanders”.

It’s called progress, lets hope we never need “their likes again”.  I look at the world and can only wonder what other nations are going to be our world’s policemen as more and more countries withdraw their troops from Bosnia etc.?  Time alone will tell.

I have to say that most people, who want to join, could do a lot worse with their lives.  The British Army is still one, if not the best, trained Military in the world.  So I can honestly say that due to under recruitment, or more properly not enough want to join the infantry:

Your Country Needs YOU!



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