Queens Own Highlanders

(Seaforth & Camerons)

Regimental Association

Regimental Colour
Queen's Colour

The Queen’s Colour

This bears the combined selected Battle Honours awarded to the Seaforth Highlanders, The Gordon Highlanders and The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders in the Great War and the Second World War.

The Regimental Colour

The Highlanders Badge surrounded by the title “The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons)” appears in the centre.  Around this is a wreath of roses, thistles and shamrocks.  Beneath it is the Cypher and Coronet of His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.  The combined Battle Honours won by the Seaforth Highlanders, The Gordon Highlanders, The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders.  The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders and The Queen’s Own Highlanders both before and after the World Wars are emblazoned on a Laurel Wreath.

The following badges also appear:

    The Cypher of Queen Victoria within the Garter. In 1921 His Majesty King George V, Colonel in Chief, graciously approved the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders to adopt the Cypher of Queen Victoria with the Garter as an additional badge on the Regimental Colour.

    The Cypher of The Duke of York. The distinction of bearing the Cypher and Coronet of His Royal Highness, The Duke of York and Albany was granted to the 72nd Duke of Albany’s Own Highlanders in 1824.

    The Sphinx, superscribed “Egypt”. Granted to the 79th and 92nd Highlanders for the outstanding part they played in defeating the French in Egypt in 1801.

    The Elephant, superscribed “Assaye”. An honour granted to the 78th Highlanders for the distinguished part the took in the battle of Assaye in 1803.

    The Tiger, superscribed “India”. Bestowed on the 75th Highlanders in 1807 as an honourable and lasting testimony of their distinguished service in India.

Colours on view within The Officers Mess, Redford Barracks.

The Parade Begins

Awaiting arrival of the VIPs at the main gate
Spectators waiting the arrival of the Royals
Bde Monro (right) new Colonel of the Regiment
Over 3000 attend the ceremony
Officer prepare for the main event
Medals ready.
HRH Duke of Edinburgh arrives
2nd Rank
PIpes and Drums lead on The Highlanders
1st Battalion The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons)
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